the last trip home

selfie with galileo thermometer, hand on cheek, soft smile, may 5 2021
fish pie with an A carved in the flaky crust, may 5 2021
takeout picnic with Maggi and my favorite fries, may 7 2021
haunting grey clouds with pink shadows, orange in the distance, may 8 2021
mothers day banana pancakes with strawberries and syrup and cold coffee, may 9 2021
sunset from garden center that Mama and I drove out just to see, may 9 2021
selfie in the same bathroom as forever before, now with shiny hair and a nose ring, may 9 2021
a walk i will never forget. can of beer and a suicide pact, may 9 2021
coffee cocktail with frothy cream top in ribbed hexagon glass, may 9 2021
emily in blue flannel shirt kneeling at the ground, combing through long grass, may 10 2021
1/3 full iced strawberry matcha in a tall glass next to 1/2 full cinnamon cold brew in a short glass, may 11 2021
lemon poppyseed muffins like the ones we used to buy, may 12 2021
blue beaded flower ring, may 12 2021
slice of plum held in the sun over a blue striped duvet cover, may 13 2021
raspberry rage ice cream, or something like it, may 14 2021
the outside lamplights that I'd only seen on once before (never again), may 14 2021
coin laundry, a place I'd never noticed before, may 16 2021
bitter chocolate swamp cake with radioactive strawberry pond and matcha buttercream. nearby, 3 frogs fish with toothpicks, may 16 2021
2 slices of swamp cake with 2 glasses of cold brew, may 17 2021
shiny blue swing set from afar, may 17 2021
a drive to the lookout that we never go to. Papa takes a photo at sunset, may 17 2021
sun shining through tall windows onto the floor, glows through dark wood table and chairs, may 18 2021
the fluffiest pancakes ive ever eaten and black coffee, may 18 2021
photo of the house through the half-cranked drivers window, large grey rock, Ayre Rhinehart sign, may 18 2021

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